Wednesday, September 30, 2015

International Babywearing Week 2015

Who is excited for IBW 2015?!?!  I am!!!  Babywearing Around Tulsa has an amazing line up of events, something for every day of the week!  Check it out:
IBW 2014 Guthrie Green Wear-in
Just like last year, we will kick off IBW with a Guthrie Green Wear-In. Guthrie Green is a wonderful place to bring your family and spend a nice social Sunday afternoon.  We hope to see even more of you there this year, lets really show the folks at Guthrie Green how awesome babywearing  is!  We will meet up at one, I hear there will be live music starting around 2!

Monday evening we will have a relaxing family picnic at Hunter Park. Hunter Park has an excellent playground and plenty of space to throw down picnic blankets!  There will also be a babywearing yoga demo for those who are interested!  Bring your yoga mat if you want to follow along.

Tuesday the weather looks great for a babywearing walk!  Stay tuned to our facebook page for the exact location.

Wednesday we will have one of our most popular event, Babywearing Mini-sessions!  This is a fundraiser for the lending library, so all of our photographers are donating their time and expertise to this fun event.  For $10 you will receive a mini-session with a photographer and 2 professionally edited images with full print release.  Check out my pics from last year!

And after the mini-sessions join us for lunch at Guthrie Green.  Its food truck Wednesday, so the offerings should be plentiful and scrumptious.

Thursday its time to #EmbraceYourOptions and come try a carrier you have never tried before!  Join us at Bottoms and Beyond Boutique in Sand Springs for this fun event.

Friday we will be having fun at the Tulsa Zoo.  Meet at 10am by the big globe or just come when you can and hang out with your babywearing friends.  Let's flood the zoo with babywearing!

Saturday we will round out our week with our biggest event yet!  Join us at Go Ballistic from 1-4pm for bouncing and fun and a Mini Vendor Faire!  Curious about our vendors?  Check out the facebook event page here!  Come out and support BWAT, you only have to pay if your kiddos want to play, the vendor faire is completely free!

Can't make it to our in person events?  Don't worry!  You won't be left out of the celebrations.  Check out this list of all of our incredible on-line events!  The Babywearing Around Tulsa group page and businiess page are sure to be hopping all week long.  Start thinking now about what you might want to "Ask an Admin." Anything (within reason) goes!  Get your photos ready to share on each day's theme thread as well!  We can't wait for all the fun to begin!

We hope you make plans to celebrate International Babywearing Week with us.  It is a super fun time of year and we really go all out to make sure it is great for you.  Want to support BWAT?  Consider donating a prize to our festivities.  Email us at or contact us on facebook.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Squish Wearing

Let's be honest here, this is just a photo dump of cuteness. You remember that post about how I was anticipating wearing my squishy little boy while I was still pregnant?  Well here he is in all his tiny cute squishy glory.

Paz Wickandish Sunset

Very first wearing picture. We were still in the hospital and I used this Paz to announce gender. Squeaker is a boy!

Girasol Double Rainbow Azul Ring Sling
Out first grocery store trip was made snuggly and less stressful by this Girasol Ring Sling. A good ring sling is perfect for squish wearing. If you can only get one newborn carrier, I often recommend a ring sling.

Sleepy boy needs some cuddles while big sis needs attention?  I got this. A soft wrap is the perfect way to snuggle one and play with the other.

Clementine Sunshine and Rainbows Turquoise Weft
Squeaker's first trip to the library. He found it to be a very peaceful place.

KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
A luscious fiber festival!  When he wast being doted on by all of mommy's fiber friends, he was snuggles up nice and tight.

Rainbow Frog Wet Paint
Snuggle snuggle snuggle, I just can't help it!  Look at him working on holding his head up!

In addition to their cuteness, I hope that these photos help to demonstrate how babywearing fits in to every day life and how you can keep your newborn close while still taking care of your other kids or your life.  In the majority of the wrapping pictures I am using Front Wrap Cross Carry because it is my favorite newborn carry.  It is a nice secure hold and I feel confident moving around in it.  I know that Squeaker's back and neck are well supported.  As he grows and can spread his legs naturally, instead of taking the cross passes over his legs (which is what is hiding his feet here), I will take them under so he is, in essence, sitting on an X, which will provide additional support when he reaches the wiggly stage.  For now I will take the peaceful, cuddly stage every second that I can get it.  I love to wear my little Squeaker.  (It has also renewed Bitsy's (Big Sis) interest in being worn so maybe there will be a tandem post sometime in the future!)

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to Bitsy and Squeaker, two bundles of energy. She is a Babywearing Institute Certified Babywearing Educator.  She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls as SomerKnits. Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, spin or weave - her main pre-baby passions.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Addicted and Impatient

I wrote this post before I gave birth to my beautiful second baby.  Then I promptly neglected the blog and forgot to post this as I basked in Squeakers glorious newbornness.  

Reinforced Ruck toddler KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
Very first picture carrying both my babies.
KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
Bitsy is three.  Three is wild.  Three is crazy.  And while I love wearing her and I will wear her as long as she will let me and my body allows, I am totally addicted to wrapping and babywearing and I WANT TO WRAP MY NEW SQUISHIE NOW.  I have this whole stash of wraps just waiting for little squish to come into the world and be snuggled.  From the day of my first positive pregnancy test, just two days after this picture was taken (at our International Babywearing Week 2014 photoshoot fundraiser), I have been planning the babywearing future of this child.  Crazy, right?  
There is just something amazing and wonderful about wearing a tiny baby.  Sniffing their heads, kissing their cheeks, snuggling their little bodies close to you - every second is precious.  And the anticipation is killing me.  

Belly wrapping girasol double rainbow ring sling
20 Weeks Pregnant
in a Girasol Double Rainbow Azul Ring Sling
Photo credit - Pixel Perfect by Ashley
Did I mention that tiny babies don't generally say no to being worn?  Toddlers and threenagers have OPINIONS.  Its nice when they want to be worn but often times the stars have to align just right.  Its totally like a threenager to say they will only be worn in the pink wrap with the pattern upside down on a full moon occurring only on the second tuesday of a month.  Or if they get a boo boo or are tired.

Sunshine and Rainbows Clementine
Wearing a borrowed baby
Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Clementine Woven Wrap
Sometimes I get impatient and I "steal" other people's babies.  The little squishie in this picture was borrowed from a good friend when I was a little past the halfway point.  The baby bump I had to wrap him over put him up in m face but I didn't mind a bit.  He fell asleep shortly after we took this picture.

Why did he fall asleep?  Because he was warm and content.  Even though I wasn't his mama, he could hear my heart beat and feel protected wrapped up close.  I WANT that for my baby.  I anticipate that.  Wrapping my baby to my chest and letting him or her snuggle in and feel LOVED and PROTECTED.  Wanted.  Happy.  Its amazing and I know it will bring me such joy.  And did I mention the wraps are pretty?  So, so pretty.  

toddler in metamorphosis oscha silk
38 Weeks Pregnant
In a Metamorphosis Reverse Half Buckle Ring Waist
from Oscha Starry Night Nebula
Luckily for me, recently Bitsy has wanted to be worn, mostly for short periods of time, which is good because this pregnant mama tires easily.  She and I are both impatient for little squishie to arrive but for now I will snuggle her as much as she will let me, knowing soon that she will have to share that attention and that it will be a whole new world for both of us.  
Ravelry WIP shirt
Waiting, waiting, waiting

I might even already have my hospital wrap picked out and packed.  Can you say gender reveal wrap?!?  Yep, if the green side is up my fellow babywearers will know its a boy but if the pink side is up we will have added another girl to our family.

***Edited to add - our first wearing photo was definitely Green side up!  Squeaker joined our family this summer and we couldn't be happier.  Its totally love and big sis is over the moon.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Babywearing Helps Me; A Deaf Mother's Experience

A deaf mother shares her experience with how babywearing affects how she is able to care for her child. 
Babywearing is so very important to me. Why? Because I'm able to know if my baby cries, is breathing, or using her voice. What? Yes, I am deaf. 

I think baby carriers are so beneficial for deaf parents. Sadly, some people think it's dangerous for us to wear our babies because we won't know if they choke or anything like that, which isn't true. 

You know the senses? Smell, touch, hear, sight, taste? Deaf people don't have the hearing sense but have an increase of the other senses, touch and sight. We get to feel all the details. Wearing our babies helps a lot. I don't see how it is dangerous for us to wear them? It is much safer for us to wear them than put them in strollers.. Why? We won't be able to hear them crying or screaming from there. We would have to watch them all the time while pushing the stroller. Keeping them close makes our life easier! AND, it helps them feel safe and comforts them knowing we are not ignoring them on purpose. 

And, a BONUS! --  we get to use BOTH hands to talk! Oh so much easier on us! :) (Picture shown that I got to communicate with both of my hands)

Babywearing is so much a lifesaver for me.. Of course, it is for everyone, but so much for us. #WEARALLTHEBABIES!! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nursing in a Soft Structured Carrier

Renee Owsley McBay is a wife and mother to 1 year old Jemma. She enjoys the closeness and convince of babywearing and sharing it with others. In her free time she volenteers for BWAT, loves watching Doctor Who, crafting, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Babywearing: Lots of Ups and Downs

We started out on our babywearing journey with an Ergo I found on Craigslist while I was still pregnant with my little man. It was a great carrier and it served us well, but then my son started protesting it. He was never really content if I was just standing around, but things deteriorated until he was crying, running away, or putting it away every time I pulled it out. I thought he was done with babywearing altogether and that made me really sad.

Then I found Babywearing Around Tulsa and read the term knee-to-knee. I googled it and instantly realized the problem. Silly me, before that I thought that an Ergo rated for 45 pounds could actually be used until a child weighed 45 pounds. Once I knew that the Ergo was probably super uncomfortable for my 2 year old I dug out two ancient ring slings I’d been gifted and started trying those. They were not at all ideal for a 2 year old either. (I actually think one of them might be a converted bedsheet.) Caelan did tolerate them for quick ups but they were really, really unsupportive and uncomfortable. I started looking for other options.
I bought a Tula from a sweet BWAT mama and got a quick lesson on SSCs and tried out a wrap. And I was hooked. I started out slow but I’ve collected a stash of several wraps and a wrap conversion Mei Tai. I can’t claim that my toddler was always cooperative- each time we got a new carrier or wrap, I would be sooo excited to try it, And Caelan, with his inconvenient mind of his own, would tell me “No carrier!” or “No, THIS
carrier!” THIS carrier was never the new one I wanted so badly to try on. But we’ve made so much progress. Caelan has gone from refusing all carriers to accepting (almost) all of them. At first he only wanted to ride in front, but he’s willing to do hip and back carries now. And the big one: he tolerates wrapping! Front, back, or hip carries. He often still wants to choose, but I’ll take it. There were plenty of times when I was building that stash that I wondered if he would ever let me use them. My husband was amused at the irony of me having a new hobby that relied on the baby when the baby didn’t like it.
I have no words to describe how happy I am that babywearing is working for us. I hope our story encourages others to keep trying when they hit a rough patch. (I should note: a lot of white chocolate, marshmallows, and highly preferred activities have been used to encourage the little one to go up. It’s worked!)  
Babywearing is one way we can maintain the closeness of our bond as we approach weaning. As a working mom, I’m always looking for ways to connect with my little. Babywearing overall and BWAT has been a really fun way to do that and make friends while exploring a practically unlimited number of cute options.
Wear all the babies!

Lisa is an extended nursing, full-time working, full-time grad student mom of one ridiculously cute 2.5 year old boy. She actually can NOT do it all, but babywearing allows her to almost keep her head above water.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nursing in a Ring Sling

In this video Renee gives you tips on how to nurse in a ring sling.  The ring sling is often the easiest carrier for new moms to master nursing in but it certainly isn't the only option.  Stay tuned for more videos from Renee with tips and tricks for nursing in other carrier types.

Renee Owsley McBay is a wife and mother to 1 year old Jemma. She enjoys the closeness and convince of babywearing and sharing it with others. In her free time she volenteers for BWAT, loves watching Doctor Who, crafting, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wherever Ergo, I’ll go: Evolution of a Babywearing Mama

Wherever Ergo, I’ll go: Evolution of a Babywearing Mama

When my daughter was born, I was given several wraps and babywearing items: a Moby, a Maya ring sling, a Seven sling, a custom work-at-home-mom sling and and
Ergo (with infant insert). From my little collection, I chose to begin with the Moby wrap. I’d see a good video online and had practiced before the baby came, although I never thought to wrap the cat. (Pregnancy regrets: #thestruggleisreal). When she was nine days old, I wore her for the first time. She snuggled into the Moby with ease and enjoyed her new nap locale. “Great!” I thought. “She loves being worn already.” Eventually, I came to dislike the radiating heat of the Moby while out and about in the summer. It was like laying belly-first on the surface of the sun. I searched for a new option from my repertoire and reached for the Maya ring sling. A new friend showed me how to wear my little in the sling and I loved it. The baby would sleep on me at church, her little feet sticking out under her round little rump. The catch was that A) she did not want to be worn while awake and B) my husband wanted nothing to do with wearing her  in the sling. He even mentioned that she seemed to dislike it and would offer to carry her for me. I saw this as an attempt to “rescue” my baby from my ill-advised intentions and took umbrage. I know now that he was just trying to give his sleep-deprived wife a few minutes of rest and wanted some of those delicious baby cuddles he missed while at work. Yet the sling worked wonderfully for us for months. It even lived in my car.
As my girl grew bigger and more physically active, she would throw HUGE fits as soon as she realized I was getting her saddled into the ring sling. She wanted to look around, having long since decided my chest was not as fascinating as she had once thought. I tried to do hip carries with her, but she was just not feeling it. Meanwhile, I started to notice that my lower back hurt after a few minutes and chose not to subject both of us (and all of the grocery store patrons around us) to the torture. I resigned myself to putting Little Miss in the cart (#babywearingfail) and tried not to look the other
moms in the eye. It seemed like we’d reached an impasse when I remembered the Ergo. I had
tried to wear her in it a few times when she was little bitty, but the infant insert was like calculus-- Calculus while holding a mad, squirming baby. But now she was over twelve pounds and had perfect head control. It had to be worth a try. I worked on my technique for a quick strap-in and jiggle-to-sleep dance. It took some time. But I persisted. As I grew in confidence and she learned that cuddles can still be nice, it got better. When another friend showed me how to clip the back clip myself, it was no longer an ordeal to wear my baby. It was enjoyable. I’d strap her on at the store, jiggle her to sleep and stroll the aisles, head held high and soaking up the drooly, drooly snuggles. I felt like I
suddenly understood all the mamas who mourn their growing, walking children. I was a complete convert. I felt this would be my pinnacle of babywearing glory. Surely, this was enough for me. So I cannot describe my pure delight when my husband expressed willingness to try carrying our little one in the Ergo. I showed him how to strap in, saddled up the baby and got her situated. I dropped technical phrases like “knee-to-knee” and “seat” to make sure he knew I had done my homework. He stepped back, looking first at his girl calming down and dozing off, then studying his free hands. He wiggled, checking his back for discomfort. Then he looked at me and said “Hey, this isn’t bad at all. Have I reached my babywearing nirvana yet? My high note? I don’t think I have, as I’ve been eyeing some linen and woven wraps on the Babywearing Around Tulsa Facebook page. Maybe I will become a wrapper. Every day, my little one gets better at sitting up unsupported. Soon we will be able to start back carries in the Ergo. I may even get brave and borrow a woven from our lending library. Have I reached the end of my quest for babywearing bliss? Not even close. There will be more carriers, more developmental milestones and more babies to be worn (whether mine or no). I’m
looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship with babywearing. Off to the next great adventure!

My name is Alicia Kobilnyk. I've always worked with children, except for a brief foray at a Zoo, which can be quite similar. I especially enjoyed teaching toddlers but recently got promoted: to Mama. I'm on my journey into the land of baby wearing, cloth diapering and all the yummy goodness that crunchy motherhood brings.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I have been baby wearing for about 7 months now. We didn't really get started until my son was about 5 months old. We got a narrow based carrier at my baby shower and we tried him in it a few times but with my lack of experience and help at the time I just didn't feel comfortable or safe because I was not tightening it correctly.

I saw on a ladies instagram, a picture of a Tula and I was like that looks just like a back pack I carried one for years in college and even after for work. This is what I need. So I went to a local store to find to try one. It was the first carrier I actually used and felt comfortable wearing. 
The person on Facebook told me that I should try and see if we have a local baby wearing group and man did I hit the jack pot! 

Since becoming a member of Babywearing Around Tulsa and learning more about different styles and types of carriers and what each could be used for I have since added a ring sling, a mei tie type carrier, and wraps to my collection. 

All this to say we are all newbies at some point. Everything has a learning curve and being a part of a group like Baby wearing Around Tulsa you can get safety tips, wearing tips, and allow yourself and little one to be comfortable in which ever type of carrier you choose. 
I attended a few of the mini classes to get hands on help with my wrapping skills that are still a work in progress. I highly recommend these type of classes if you are wanting more instruction and instructors to watch you wrap your baby, help you make a seat, problem solve what is happening for your situation and carrier. They typically offer Intro to Wrapping, Advanced Back Wrapping, Soft Structure Carriers, and are planning to try and add other classes if they have interest. (Note I am sure I missed some classes offered those are just ones I was interested in or personally attended). I hope that everyone can have a great experience like I have and utilize the knowledge of our instructors, volunteers, and members to have happy and successful baby wearing. Wear all the babies!

Kelsey Deerinwater is an athletic trainer turned stay at home mom for the time being. Mother to Race who is all boy, very energetic, always on the go, and strong willed little man. I enjoy getting out and meeting new people and having someone for Race to play with.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I love Babywearing

I knew that I was going to wear my first baby before she was even born. As a first time

mom, I had a lot of time on my hands to scour the internet for all things baby. I read a

multitude of articles on parenting styles, feeding, diapering, finding the perfect name,
and *babywearing*.

I didn’t know much about babywearing other than the claim from a friend that it would
make my life with a newborn much easier. In the list of
must-haves for baby to be was the Moby.

I got the olive Moby. I loved it. It was such a wonderful
feeling snuggling my newborn daughter so close. A few
times I even got my husband to wear our baby girl
*swoon*. I loved having her close. I wore her to the fair,
the zoo, the park, and even in a cave.

Unfortunately, the Moby soon became a tad
uncomfortable due to my rapidly growing baby and it’s
tendency to be quite stretchy, so I invested in an Ergo.
The grey galaxy ergo, to be exact. This was the
beginning of my babywearing adventure. I fell down the
rabbit hole and I have yet to find my way out. I’m on my 3rd baby, I’ve owned *dozens*
of carriers, it’s an obsession. I love every bit of it. The obsession is not a necessary part
of babywearing. ;-)

So, your friend keeps telling you that you *need* to wear your baby. You like the idea,
but you’re not really sure if it’s for you. You wonder if it will really be all that comfortable.
Can the baby breathe in there? Is it expensive? Will it really get that much use? You’re
on the fence and not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge.

I get it. Parenting is full of choices, some much more trivial than others. So, I surveyed
some moms, dads, grandmas, sisters, etc and asked them why they wear their babies.
My hope is that their experiences will shed some light for you and help you to make a
more informed decision. :-)

That’s a half-truth. My hope is that their experiences will convince you that you *must*
babywear! #wearallthebabies

“Babywearing makes my life easier because I can keepmy baby happy with snuggles while getting things done!”

“I made an army of 6 children that will overrun my house and cause utter chaos in public if I didn't have some way to contain them. Oh, and the bond, you know, because babies love to be glued to their caretaker/food source.”

“I have 5 young children. If it were not for babywearing, I would have a hard time getting things done and I would miss out on lots of snuggles….Whether you have one child or a whole bunch, babywearing can literally be life changing.” -Ashlee

“I baby wear because I refuse to leave the house without makeup on, because I like to cook
dinner every night, and because my girl ADORES being worn. Anything that keeps baby and
mom close to each other's hearts is a win in my book!” -Shelby

“Couldn't do photography without my baby pack” -Gerry

“I love that she holds and hugs me while I'm wearing her.” -Manda

“We are still able to do things like hike and sight see when traveling, just as if we didn't have babes -- because they're along for the ride. It's just what makes the most sense for our family.” -Madison

“It's a way to instantly soothe cranky babies and children. They love to be snuggled up to Mama, and I can get things done at the same time.” -Kristin

“I love being heart to heart with my littles, I love having my babies snuggled into me, breathing in sync with each other and just being… it creates this world in which parent and child can be utterly close and hearts overflowing in any situation.” -Jen

“I missed the hands free fun and interaction with my 3 year old, like playing at the park or just exploring. It's so convenient to be able to do the things he loves without tired arms or wrestling with a stroller. It helps me give them both the attention they need at the same time.” -Chelsea

“I started because I'm cheap. I hate big bulky bucket seats, and wanted the price tag of the convertible. Without a car seat, I knew I needed a carrier. That's when I found a mei tei for $9. It was just what I needed. Once baby came, I found out how calm he was snuggled close to me. I found how nice it was to snuggle his tiny head. I found freedom to move and grow stronger as I carried him. I have found my way to raise my baby, and it's right next to me.” -Lori

“I travel for work and I have used baby wearing in assisting to keep a close relationship with my son.” -Ryan

“It keeps baby happy and helps with my ppd. I love all the different kinds of carriers and how you can always find something to love… It's an amazing experience and when you get a new carrier or learn a new way to wrap you feel like a superhero.” -Kelly

“I have 3 kids and I need to carry the baby so I can hold hands with the older children. It's all about safety and convenience for me.” -Ashley

“I have 5 kids (7,4,3,22 months, & 6 months). It makes it easier when we go out and it's also easier when I am doing things around the house and my son wants to be held.” -Rebecca

“I wanted to hold my baby all day and found a way to do that.” -Lauren

"Baby wearing made my life easier whenmy second baby came and I really got into it and I was able to chase a toddler, nurse, and hold my newborn all at the same time! -Corie

“I am particular on who gets to hold my baby, and babywearing tends to keeps others hands off. Also, carseats get heavy and strollers are a pain. I love the bonding and the cuddling. I was mostly afraid of the price for a carrier. I wasn't sure I would get my money's worth out of it or even use it at all. Now that I have one, I use it everyday! It's a life saver!” -Chelsea

For all you need to know about baby wearing and more check out the rest of the blog. You’ll find reviews, different styles of carrying, safety information, and more. :-)


Jessica Eubanks is a chaser of toddlers, a wearer of babies, and a lover of her husband.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Comparison: Lenny Lamb Baby Size vs Lenny Lamb Toddler size

The Lenny Lamb "ergonomic baby carrier" is increasing in popularity. This is due to several factors:

  • It's easily attainable, it's a great price, it's a wrap conversion (making it softer and more breathable), and it has a unique fit. The size of the carriers is different from Tula or KP sizing. However, like the Tula, there is a Lenny Lamb call- "Lenny on the loose!" and "Baa!" In response. ;)

  • The stats for the baby size are:
40cm/16in. tall
35cm/14in. wide at the base
32cm/12in. wide at the middle.

The stats for the toddler size are:

48cm/19in. tall
45cm/18in. at the base
38cm/15in. at the middle.

In the photos you can see my 24lbs, 26in., 12 month old in the toddler size night stripes carrier (right) and the baby size rainbow carrier (above). He is just big enough for the toddler size, due to the smaller middle width and a deep seat. 

Baby size on top of the toddler size for comparison.

Both carriers have 3-way adjustable straps, a safety buckle, and a sewn in adjustable hood. This carrier can be worn front, back, and on the hip; the straps are also able to be crossed. The baby size comes in either 100% cotton or a 60/40% cotton and bamboo blend. The toddler size is only available in cotton; this makes it more supportive for heavy kiddos. The carriers are super soft right out of the bag and require zero breaking in! You can buy them directly from Lenny Lamb in Poland, or from US retailer 5 Minute Recess. In stock carriers are less than $200.

Jade lives in east Tulsa with her husband, two boys, and dog Crash. She is passionate about supporting parents. Jade is a Post Partum Doula with Better Birth Now

**The carriers in this post are personally owned by group members.  Neither Jade nor BWAT was paid or reimbursed in any way for this comparison/review.