Monday, May 11, 2015

Comparison: Lenny Lamb Baby Size vs Lenny Lamb Toddler size

The Lenny Lamb "ergonomic baby carrier" is increasing in popularity. This is due to several factors:

  • It's easily attainable, it's a great price, it's a wrap conversion (making it softer and more breathable), and it has a unique fit. The size of the carriers is different from Tula or KP sizing. However, like the Tula, there is a Lenny Lamb call- "Lenny on the loose!" and "Baa!" In response. ;)

  • The stats for the baby size are:
40cm/16in. tall
35cm/14in. wide at the base
32cm/12in. wide at the middle.

The stats for the toddler size are:

48cm/19in. tall
45cm/18in. at the base
38cm/15in. at the middle.

In the photos you can see my 24lbs, 26in., 12 month old in the toddler size night stripes carrier (right) and the baby size rainbow carrier (above). He is just big enough for the toddler size, due to the smaller middle width and a deep seat. 

Baby size on top of the toddler size for comparison.

Both carriers have 3-way adjustable straps, a safety buckle, and a sewn in adjustable hood. This carrier can be worn front, back, and on the hip; the straps are also able to be crossed. The baby size comes in either 100% cotton or a 60/40% cotton and bamboo blend. The toddler size is only available in cotton; this makes it more supportive for heavy kiddos. The carriers are super soft right out of the bag and require zero breaking in! You can buy them directly from Lenny Lamb in Poland, or from US retailer 5 Minute Recess. In stock carriers are less than $200.

Jade lives in east Tulsa with her husband, two boys, and dog Crash. She is passionate about supporting parents. Jade is a Post Partum Doula with Better Birth Now

**The carriers in this post are personally owned by group members.  Neither Jade nor BWAT was paid or reimbursed in any way for this comparison/review. 


  1. Can you do a hip carry with the Lenny Lamb?

    1. The above comments said yes to hip carry.

    2. The above comments said yes to hip carry.

  2. what is the actual part the baby legs come out of on the toddler and baby size. I tried a tula but didn't like so looking at this but someone mentioned width on bottom isn't true width where babies legs come out. also how do you find the unpadded waist? and the trilock?

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