Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I love Babywearing

I knew that I was going to wear my first baby before she was even born. As a first time

mom, I had a lot of time on my hands to scour the internet for all things baby. I read a

multitude of articles on parenting styles, feeding, diapering, finding the perfect name,
and *babywearing*.

I didn’t know much about babywearing other than the claim from a friend that it would
make my life with a newborn much easier. In the list of
must-haves for baby to be was the Moby.

I got the olive Moby. I loved it. It was such a wonderful
feeling snuggling my newborn daughter so close. A few
times I even got my husband to wear our baby girl
*swoon*. I loved having her close. I wore her to the fair,
the zoo, the park, and even in a cave.

Unfortunately, the Moby soon became a tad
uncomfortable due to my rapidly growing baby and it’s
tendency to be quite stretchy, so I invested in an Ergo.
The grey galaxy ergo, to be exact. This was the
beginning of my babywearing adventure. I fell down the
rabbit hole and I have yet to find my way out. I’m on my 3rd baby, I’ve owned *dozens*
of carriers, it’s an obsession. I love every bit of it. The obsession is not a necessary part
of babywearing. ;-)

So, your friend keeps telling you that you *need* to wear your baby. You like the idea,
but you’re not really sure if it’s for you. You wonder if it will really be all that comfortable.
Can the baby breathe in there? Is it expensive? Will it really get that much use? You’re
on the fence and not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge.

I get it. Parenting is full of choices, some much more trivial than others. So, I surveyed
some moms, dads, grandmas, sisters, etc and asked them why they wear their babies.
My hope is that their experiences will shed some light for you and help you to make a
more informed decision. :-)

That’s a half-truth. My hope is that their experiences will convince you that you *must*
babywear! #wearallthebabies

“Babywearing makes my life easier because I can keepmy baby happy with snuggles while getting things done!”

“I made an army of 6 children that will overrun my house and cause utter chaos in public if I didn't have some way to contain them. Oh, and the bond, you know, because babies love to be glued to their caretaker/food source.”

“I have 5 young children. If it were not for babywearing, I would have a hard time getting things done and I would miss out on lots of snuggles….Whether you have one child or a whole bunch, babywearing can literally be life changing.” -Ashlee

“I baby wear because I refuse to leave the house without makeup on, because I like to cook
dinner every night, and because my girl ADORES being worn. Anything that keeps baby and
mom close to each other's hearts is a win in my book!” -Shelby

“Couldn't do photography without my baby pack” -Gerry

“I love that she holds and hugs me while I'm wearing her.” -Manda

“We are still able to do things like hike and sight see when traveling, just as if we didn't have babes -- because they're along for the ride. It's just what makes the most sense for our family.” -Madison

“It's a way to instantly soothe cranky babies and children. They love to be snuggled up to Mama, and I can get things done at the same time.” -Kristin

“I love being heart to heart with my littles, I love having my babies snuggled into me, breathing in sync with each other and just being… it creates this world in which parent and child can be utterly close and hearts overflowing in any situation.” -Jen

“I missed the hands free fun and interaction with my 3 year old, like playing at the park or just exploring. It's so convenient to be able to do the things he loves without tired arms or wrestling with a stroller. It helps me give them both the attention they need at the same time.” -Chelsea

“I started because I'm cheap. I hate big bulky bucket seats, and wanted the price tag of the convertible. Without a car seat, I knew I needed a carrier. That's when I found a mei tei for $9. It was just what I needed. Once baby came, I found out how calm he was snuggled close to me. I found how nice it was to snuggle his tiny head. I found freedom to move and grow stronger as I carried him. I have found my way to raise my baby, and it's right next to me.” -Lori

“I travel for work and I have used baby wearing in assisting to keep a close relationship with my son.” -Ryan

“It keeps baby happy and helps with my ppd. I love all the different kinds of carriers and how you can always find something to love… It's an amazing experience and when you get a new carrier or learn a new way to wrap you feel like a superhero.” -Kelly

“I have 3 kids and I need to carry the baby so I can hold hands with the older children. It's all about safety and convenience for me.” -Ashley

“I have 5 kids (7,4,3,22 months, & 6 months). It makes it easier when we go out and it's also easier when I am doing things around the house and my son wants to be held.” -Rebecca

“I wanted to hold my baby all day and found a way to do that.” -Lauren

"Baby wearing made my life easier whenmy second baby came and I really got into it and I was able to chase a toddler, nurse, and hold my newborn all at the same time! -Corie

“I am particular on who gets to hold my baby, and babywearing tends to keeps others hands off. Also, carseats get heavy and strollers are a pain. I love the bonding and the cuddling. I was mostly afraid of the price for a carrier. I wasn't sure I would get my money's worth out of it or even use it at all. Now that I have one, I use it everyday! It's a life saver!” -Chelsea

For all you need to know about baby wearing and more check out the rest of the blog. You’ll find reviews, different styles of carrying, safety information, and more. :-)


Jessica Eubanks is a chaser of toddlers, a wearer of babies, and a lover of her husband.

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