Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Addicted and Impatient

I wrote this post before I gave birth to my beautiful second baby.  Then I promptly neglected the blog and forgot to post this as I basked in Squeakers glorious newbornness.  

Reinforced Ruck toddler KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
Very first picture carrying both my babies.
KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
Bitsy is three.  Three is wild.  Three is crazy.  And while I love wearing her and I will wear her as long as she will let me and my body allows, I am totally addicted to wrapping and babywearing and I WANT TO WRAP MY NEW SQUISHIE NOW.  I have this whole stash of wraps just waiting for little squish to come into the world and be snuggled.  From the day of my first positive pregnancy test, just two days after this picture was taken (at our International Babywearing Week 2014 photoshoot fundraiser), I have been planning the babywearing future of this child.  Crazy, right?  
There is just something amazing and wonderful about wearing a tiny baby.  Sniffing their heads, kissing their cheeks, snuggling their little bodies close to you - every second is precious.  And the anticipation is killing me.  

Belly wrapping girasol double rainbow ring sling
20 Weeks Pregnant
in a Girasol Double Rainbow Azul Ring Sling
Photo credit - Pixel Perfect by Ashley
Did I mention that tiny babies don't generally say no to being worn?  Toddlers and threenagers have OPINIONS.  Its nice when they want to be worn but often times the stars have to align just right.  Its totally like a threenager to say they will only be worn in the pink wrap with the pattern upside down on a full moon occurring only on the second tuesday of a month.  Or if they get a boo boo or are tired.

Sunshine and Rainbows Clementine
Wearing a borrowed baby
Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Clementine Woven Wrap
Sometimes I get impatient and I "steal" other people's babies.  The little squishie in this picture was borrowed from a good friend when I was a little past the halfway point.  The baby bump I had to wrap him over put him up in m face but I didn't mind a bit.  He fell asleep shortly after we took this picture.

Why did he fall asleep?  Because he was warm and content.  Even though I wasn't his mama, he could hear my heart beat and feel protected wrapped up close.  I WANT that for my baby.  I anticipate that.  Wrapping my baby to my chest and letting him or her snuggle in and feel LOVED and PROTECTED.  Wanted.  Happy.  Its amazing and I know it will bring me such joy.  And did I mention the wraps are pretty?  So, so pretty.  

toddler in metamorphosis oscha silk
38 Weeks Pregnant
In a Metamorphosis Reverse Half Buckle Ring Waist
from Oscha Starry Night Nebula
Luckily for me, recently Bitsy has wanted to be worn, mostly for short periods of time, which is good because this pregnant mama tires easily.  She and I are both impatient for little squishie to arrive but for now I will snuggle her as much as she will let me, knowing soon that she will have to share that attention and that it will be a whole new world for both of us.  
Ravelry WIP shirt
Waiting, waiting, waiting

I might even already have my hospital wrap picked out and packed.  Can you say gender reveal wrap?!?  Yep, if the green side is up my fellow babywearers will know its a boy but if the pink side is up we will have added another girl to our family.

***Edited to add - our first wearing photo was definitely Green side up!  Squeaker joined our family this summer and we couldn't be happier.  Its totally love and big sis is over the moon.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Babywearing Helps Me; A Deaf Mother's Experience

A deaf mother shares her experience with how babywearing affects how she is able to care for her child. 
Babywearing is so very important to me. Why? Because I'm able to know if my baby cries, is breathing, or using her voice. What? Yes, I am deaf. 

I think baby carriers are so beneficial for deaf parents. Sadly, some people think it's dangerous for us to wear our babies because we won't know if they choke or anything like that, which isn't true. 

You know the senses? Smell, touch, hear, sight, taste? Deaf people don't have the hearing sense but have an increase of the other senses, touch and sight. We get to feel all the details. Wearing our babies helps a lot. I don't see how it is dangerous for us to wear them? It is much safer for us to wear them than put them in strollers.. Why? We won't be able to hear them crying or screaming from there. We would have to watch them all the time while pushing the stroller. Keeping them close makes our life easier! AND, it helps them feel safe and comforts them knowing we are not ignoring them on purpose. 

And, a BONUS! --  we get to use BOTH hands to talk! Oh so much easier on us! :) (Picture shown that I got to communicate with both of my hands)

Babywearing is so much a lifesaver for me.. Of course, it is for everyone, but so much for us. #WEARALLTHEBABIES!! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nursing in a Soft Structured Carrier

Renee Owsley McBay is a wife and mother to 1 year old Jemma. She enjoys the closeness and convince of babywearing and sharing it with others. In her free time she volenteers for BWAT, loves watching Doctor Who, crafting, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on