Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Traveling Wraps: What’s That?

Not long into my babywearing journey I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I came across something new and just way to cool to pass. Traveling wrap groups! I was so intrigued I had to see what this was about. Ever since I tell everyone I can, well if they are interested, and I get asked all the time, “What is a travelling wrap group?” So that is where the idea for this blog post came to be.

First, you make a feedback link inside the group. Feedback is simply a picture of your choosing where people can write what their experience with you that way others will know to trust you or not.

Second, you pick one of your wraps or carriers out that you feel comfortable with sending to other moms you don’t know. You post a picture of it and all the important information like: fiber, value because each host mails it to the next with insurance for the full value, how many hosts, length of travel which is usually one week per host, etc. Moms will comment on it if they are interested in hosting it for you. They will each provide a link to their feedback so you can decide if you would like to work with them or not.  Once you pick out the hosts you make an event page inside the group where the hosts can post tracking information and pictures as it is traveling.  Once you decide what order the travel will go on you simply mail it to the first home then it will go from home to home until it arrives back with you.  Other ways you can send wraps travelling is through round robins where a set number of people all send a wrap out and everyone in that group gets to have someone’s wrap for the full travel period. You can also temporarily trade with just one person.

Third, once you send something travelling you get to start hosting some awesome wraps and carriers.

Travelling may be fun but I need to be honest at the same time. Costs: I have always paid between $6-$19 per wrap to mail it to the next hosts so you can do the math $6-$19 X 40. Sometimes I really miss my wrap while it is away from home, I mean really miss it. The entire system works on trust. I have been blessed by working with some amazing moms, but I have heard a few but not many horror stories.

Groups I am a member of and you should join me: Wrap Wanderlust, Churny Mama’s Traveling Wraps, Motherhood of the Traveling Wraps, and Traveling Woven Wraps.

What have I hosted and sent traveling? I’m so glad you asked J I’ll start with my travelers.

1.       Girasol Double Rainbow visited 5 mamas

2.       Tukula Ring Sling visited 3 mamas

3.       Kinderpack visited 4 mamas

4.       Girasol Tenango visited 12 mamas

5.       Girasol Flamenco visited 3 mamas

6.       Girasol Double Rainbow ring sling visited 5 mamas

7.       Tula visited 2 mamas

8.       Kokadi Love In Your Heart visited 2 mamas

9.       Oscha Nova Roses just started its journey to visit 4 mamas

And the ones I have hosted in the order I hosted them:

1.       Pavo Cheetah Wild

2.       Tekhni Eco

3.       Natibaby Feathers

4.       Girasol Marley wcrs

5.       Didymos Ellipsen with silk

6.       Toddler Tula “Prepster”

7.       Natibaby Shiny Sky

8.       Storch Leo

9.       Obimama Mei Tai

10.   Pavo Hearts

11.   Pavo Spice

12.   Natibaby Brezo

13.   Firespiral Seafoam

14.   Dream Carriers Thread wcfb

15.   Oscha Knots

16.   Tula full conversion Girasol

17.   Didymos Alpaca Gold

18.   Tekhni Portico

19.   Natural Hemp India

20.   Didymos Indo wcrs
     21.   Kokadi Ahoi

22.   Didymos Cleo

23.   Oscha Okinami Blue Ice

24.   Girasol Dark Rainbow wchb

25.   Hoptye Pune

26.   Plume Handwoven

27.   Ovolo Fletching Wagtail

28.   Tekhni Olympus Tidepool

29.   Kokadi Eisvogel wcrs

30.   Girasol Symphuo

31.   Tekhni Ceres Raspberry

So you’ve seen my list. What is on your wish list to try?

My name is Mandi Pitts. I am a mom to two beautiful girls. I have a home daycare where I get to practice wrapping plenty of adorable babies. Even though I started late I love Babywearing! #wearallthebabies In my spare time I like to go to paint classes where there is no way you can mess up. On the weekends you can usually find our family camping, swimming, and riding our wave runners on the beautiful shores of Lake Eufaula.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disney World, Two Kids and No Stroller

When I first said to my husband we should take our two littles to Disney World without a stroller, he looked at me like I was nuts. ‘No really, it can be done!’ I promised.

I immediately posted in Babywearing Around Tulsa, asking for experiences from others who had done the same thing. I was disappointed when there were as many nays as yays.

So, I kept that to myself and we boarded a plane to Orlando with a 2-year-old in a Kinderpack and a 9-month-old in an Ergo and no stroller.

And it worked out just fine. Below are some of our pictures and a few tips for taking on such a task!

A large theme park with two ages two and under is no small task. And it requires stuff. But maybe not as much stuff as you think. I tend to go minimalist anyway, but for this particular outing I made sure everything I packed was necessary. Refillable water bottles for everyone, sunscreen, a few snacks and enough disposable diapers for the day plus wipes was a much pared-down diaper bag from our usual day-to-day diaper bag filled with cloth diapers, ointments and oils of every kind.  

Ditch the diaper bag. I know, I just said I packed a diaper bag. And I did, I just packed it in a backpack, which is key when you are babywearing and have no stroller. I also utilized all of the little pockets on our carriers and attached my wristlet Baggallini to my Ergo for easy access. 

Bring extra adults. This may not be feasible for every trip, but we had my husband’s parents come along with us. This meant my husband and I could wear the kiddos and grandpa could wear the backpack. If we had not had the extra adults, my husband would have worn the backpack anytime my toddler wanted to walk, which was quite a bit, and I would have worn it on my back with baby on front in between.

Consider the weather. We took our trip to the big mouse’s house in May and we lucked out. The temps were in the 80s at their hottest and it was quite breezy. Even so, babywearing gets warm and we were all thankful for our recently purchased chilly pads. We just wrapped them around the torso of the kiddos when they were being worn. We also scheduled some built in breaks from babywearing: lunch inside and air conditioned shows interspersed throughout the day broke it up nicely. 

Know the rules. Before going, we checked out all of the rides and requirements online. I knew ahead of time that I would be able to wear my son on all of the rides we had picked out, anything that was all ages. Since this was a quick trip for the kiddos, we weren’t concerned with getting on rides that everyone wouldn’t be able to go on. Getting on and off the rides wasn’t an issue either since I was able to wear the baby. My toddler hopped in and out of the Kinderpack and my husband would just buckle the empty carrier back on like a backpack. I’m sure this saved time over searching for a stroller in the stroller park after every ride

Now that we’ve done it, I’ll admit it. I was pretty scared of not having a stroller. But by the end of the trip, my husband and I were constantly noting how in the way all of those strollers crowding the park were, how quickly we could get around and how nice it was to keep moving even though the little guy needed to nurse or nap.

Though it may not be everyone’s style, my husband and I had a blast wearing our babies at Disney World and can’t wait for our next big babywearing adventure.

Lauren Holloman is the proud momma of two kiddos plus a small menagerie of dogs and cats. When she isn't busy chasing two kids who are running opposite directions, she writes, edits and designs. You can read her pet blog at

Monday, August 4, 2014

Rocking the Ring Sling

Ring Slings are some of the easiest and most versatile carriers there are.
(ok, so thats just my opinion, but I bet a few people agree with me.)

They can hold a newborn squishie up on mama's chest or keep a wiggly toddler tight on mama's hip.  Many people can nurse in a ring sling.  Some even back carry in a ring sling.  The tail can be nursing cover, sun sheild or blanket.  And the best part is they come in every color of the rainbow and every pattern imaginable so you can pretty much gaurentee that you can find one that suits your personality and style.  From fun and silly patterns to elegant silks, ring slings rock.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are just a few ages and stages enjoying some ring sling snuggles.

Snuggly 2 year old
Oscha Starry Night Nebula dyed Blue Ice

You can see that the way a ring sling is tightened strand by strand allows for completely individualized fit.  Whether you are wearing a tiny new squish, a wiggly new walker or a tired toddler, a good supportive ring sling is a great option. 

Hiking with a 15 month old
AnnaCarrieBaby water ring sling

20 month old gets tired of walking at the Tulsa State Fair                  Giving mama hugs.
Bristol Looms Peacock (handwoven)                                                  Natibaby Africa

Two month old squishie goodness!                       I don't want my picture taken, I just want my mama.
Oscha Braid Obsidian with lambswool                   Natibaby Mossy Forrest - Hemp/Cotton blend

Tiny Newborn love! (2-3 weeks old)
Hopp Timbuktu

Notice baby is close enough to kiss, neck supported and feet out.

Airway is unobstructed and face is visible.

Newborn C shaped spine is fully supported through strand by strand tightening.
Sleepy two year old at the Oklahoma Aquarium
Bristol Looms Peacock (handwoven)
(totally successful transfer out of car seat and into the ring sling without waking her, a definite victory)

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to E, a bundle of energy. She is a Babywearing Institue Scholar working towards her certification. She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls as SomerKnits. Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, spin or weave - her main pre-baby passions.