Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Traveling Wraps: What’s That?

Not long into my babywearing journey I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I came across something new and just way to cool to pass. Traveling wrap groups! I was so intrigued I had to see what this was about. Ever since I tell everyone I can, well if they are interested, and I get asked all the time, “What is a travelling wrap group?” So that is where the idea for this blog post came to be.

First, you make a feedback link inside the group. Feedback is simply a picture of your choosing where people can write what their experience with you that way others will know to trust you or not.

Second, you pick one of your wraps or carriers out that you feel comfortable with sending to other moms you don’t know. You post a picture of it and all the important information like: fiber, value because each host mails it to the next with insurance for the full value, how many hosts, length of travel which is usually one week per host, etc. Moms will comment on it if they are interested in hosting it for you. They will each provide a link to their feedback so you can decide if you would like to work with them or not.  Once you pick out the hosts you make an event page inside the group where the hosts can post tracking information and pictures as it is traveling.  Once you decide what order the travel will go on you simply mail it to the first home then it will go from home to home until it arrives back with you.  Other ways you can send wraps travelling is through round robins where a set number of people all send a wrap out and everyone in that group gets to have someone’s wrap for the full travel period. You can also temporarily trade with just one person.

Third, once you send something travelling you get to start hosting some awesome wraps and carriers.

Travelling may be fun but I need to be honest at the same time. Costs: I have always paid between $6-$19 per wrap to mail it to the next hosts so you can do the math $6-$19 X 40. Sometimes I really miss my wrap while it is away from home, I mean really miss it. The entire system works on trust. I have been blessed by working with some amazing moms, but I have heard a few but not many horror stories.

Groups I am a member of and you should join me: Wrap Wanderlust, Churny Mama’s Traveling Wraps, Motherhood of the Traveling Wraps, and Traveling Woven Wraps.

What have I hosted and sent traveling? I’m so glad you asked J I’ll start with my travelers.

1.       Girasol Double Rainbow visited 5 mamas

2.       Tukula Ring Sling visited 3 mamas

3.       Kinderpack visited 4 mamas

4.       Girasol Tenango visited 12 mamas

5.       Girasol Flamenco visited 3 mamas

6.       Girasol Double Rainbow ring sling visited 5 mamas

7.       Tula visited 2 mamas

8.       Kokadi Love In Your Heart visited 2 mamas

9.       Oscha Nova Roses just started its journey to visit 4 mamas

And the ones I have hosted in the order I hosted them:

1.       Pavo Cheetah Wild

2.       Tekhni Eco

3.       Natibaby Feathers

4.       Girasol Marley wcrs

5.       Didymos Ellipsen with silk

6.       Toddler Tula “Prepster”

7.       Natibaby Shiny Sky

8.       Storch Leo

9.       Obimama Mei Tai

10.   Pavo Hearts

11.   Pavo Spice

12.   Natibaby Brezo

13.   Firespiral Seafoam

14.   Dream Carriers Thread wcfb

15.   Oscha Knots

16.   Tula full conversion Girasol

17.   Didymos Alpaca Gold

18.   Tekhni Portico

19.   Natural Hemp India

20.   Didymos Indo wcrs
     21.   Kokadi Ahoi

22.   Didymos Cleo

23.   Oscha Okinami Blue Ice

24.   Girasol Dark Rainbow wchb

25.   Hoptye Pune

26.   Plume Handwoven

27.   Ovolo Fletching Wagtail

28.   Tekhni Olympus Tidepool

29.   Kokadi Eisvogel wcrs

30.   Girasol Symphuo

31.   Tekhni Ceres Raspberry

So you’ve seen my list. What is on your wish list to try?

My name is Mandi Pitts. I am a mom to two beautiful girls. I have a home daycare where I get to practice wrapping plenty of adorable babies. Even though I started late I love Babywearing! #wearallthebabies In my spare time I like to go to paint classes where there is no way you can mess up. On the weekends you can usually find our family camping, swimming, and riding our wave runners on the beautiful shores of Lake Eufaula.


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