Our regular monthly meeting is held the last Saturday of every month from 10am - 12pm.  We rotate through different libraries able to accomodate our current size.  Please check the events on our facebook page or our google calendar for more information.

Our mid-month meeting his held the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month.  Locations vary, please check our facebook page or google calendar for more information

Playdates and weekday meet-ups are held intermittently.  We will always try and remember to post on the blog, but the most sure fire way to keep up with all of the activities we offer is to be a member of our Facebook page.

Meeting Structure:

Our meeting will now be split in to two segments. From 10:00am to 10:45 we will have a time specifically devoted to people who are new. Whether you are new to babywearing entirely or just have never attended a BWATulsa meeting, this time is for you. There will be a carrier demonstration and safety talk as well as an explanation of how our lending library functions. During this section of the meeting we will ask for attention and quiet, so if any veterans arrive early, feel free to come and turn in your lending library carriers but we ask you to not chat during babywearing 101

At 10:45 we will begin the regular part of our meeting.  Lending library carriers are due at or before this 10:30, or a late fee of $5 plus $1/day will be assessed.  Make sure both you and the leader you are handing the carrier over to inspect it for wear and sign off on the check out form. The stations will already be set up and you can feel free to go ahead and migrate towards whatever station you are wanting as soon as babywearing 101 is over.  Dive right in! At 11:15 we will take our group photo for the month (unless its just too busy to make this feasible) so we don’t miss anyone who has to duck out early.

As we have for a while now, lending library carriers will be passed out at 11:30 but paperwork needs to be filled out ahead of time to ensure quicker check outs. Your Lending Librarian, Tiffany, has been working hard to get the LL organized and systematized.  Please DO NOT take the item you will be checking out for the month away from its station until the call to pick up carriers is made.  The carriers need to be available to all members to try on during the main portion of the meeting.  When trying on carriers, please limit your time to no more than 5 minutes so that the next person may try the carrier.

Please feel free to ask any instructor (Black Babywearing Around Tulsa shirts with white writing) or Volunteer (Green Babywearing Around Tulsa Shirts with white writing) if you need help during a meeting or aren't sure where to go.  We are here to help you!  

Love Babywearing Around Tulsa?  Want to volunteer?  Please contact us at

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