Sunday, May 24, 2015


I have been baby wearing for about 7 months now. We didn't really get started until my son was about 5 months old. We got a narrow based carrier at my baby shower and we tried him in it a few times but with my lack of experience and help at the time I just didn't feel comfortable or safe because I was not tightening it correctly.

I saw on a ladies instagram, a picture of a Tula and I was like that looks just like a back pack I carried one for years in college and even after for work. This is what I need. So I went to a local store to find to try one. It was the first carrier I actually used and felt comfortable wearing. 
The person on Facebook told me that I should try and see if we have a local baby wearing group and man did I hit the jack pot! 

Since becoming a member of Babywearing Around Tulsa and learning more about different styles and types of carriers and what each could be used for I have since added a ring sling, a mei tie type carrier, and wraps to my collection. 

All this to say we are all newbies at some point. Everything has a learning curve and being a part of a group like Baby wearing Around Tulsa you can get safety tips, wearing tips, and allow yourself and little one to be comfortable in which ever type of carrier you choose. 
I attended a few of the mini classes to get hands on help with my wrapping skills that are still a work in progress. I highly recommend these type of classes if you are wanting more instruction and instructors to watch you wrap your baby, help you make a seat, problem solve what is happening for your situation and carrier. They typically offer Intro to Wrapping, Advanced Back Wrapping, Soft Structure Carriers, and are planning to try and add other classes if they have interest. (Note I am sure I missed some classes offered those are just ones I was interested in or personally attended). I hope that everyone can have a great experience like I have and utilize the knowledge of our instructors, volunteers, and members to have happy and successful baby wearing. Wear all the babies!

Kelsey Deerinwater is an athletic trainer turned stay at home mom for the time being. Mother to Race who is all boy, very energetic, always on the go, and strong willed little man. I enjoy getting out and meeting new people and having someone for Race to play with.

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