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B/S/T: Buy/Sell/Trade & What You Need to Know

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[B/S/T: Buy/Sell/Trade & What You Need to Know] 
So you purchased your first babywearing carrier but after trying it out for awhile you decide you would like to try something what? 
You have been bitten by the babywearing bug and now you want to try all the carriers! The babywearing world is so vast and you have only just begun! For some it is an easy decision, for others it is a dilemma of trying to decide to sell and buy new or used, or trade for another. The search for a new carrier begins. With a little experience under your belt, you have a better idea of what your needs are and what you are looking for. So what do you do now and how should you decide which avenue to take? 

Buying New: Buying new is probably the easiest route to go. You are not looking to get rid of what you have, you are looking to add to your stash. Can't ever have too many, right? When buying new you have the ability to take your time on a decision, research the different brands, blends, retailers, to find just what you're looking for. Just like any brand new purchase. Pretty easy.  

Selling: You have decided to sell your carrier to purchase something new or used. So where do you go to sell? Luckily, BWAT is growing larger by the day and the local For Sale or Trade album is growing also, so you have the option of keeping it local and not worrying about invoicing, shipping, etc. But, no one is really biting and you have your eye on something else and you would like to make a quick sale. You decide to put it on a B/S/T page with the most popular being the Facebook group, the beast, 'The Babywearing Swap.'  
There are a few things to consider when selling on a large B/S/T group.  
  • How much do you want to sell for? 
  • How far are you willing to ship? Stateside? Globally? 
  • Are you comfortable using PayPal? 
It is a good idea to keep in mind that you're selling a "used" item. It is likely that the carrier has been sucked on, drooled on, vomited on, pooped on, the list could continue... So be honest about what you are listing and price accordingly with fees and shipping included so you can be on your merry way to purchasing your next carrier! Yay!  
But, is it always that easy? I would like to say yes, but we are dealing with humans here and sometimes we get a little messy.   
Sometimes people get buyers remorse and feel guilty about purchasing your carrier, or an unexpected bill comes up, etc, but they are not going to tell you that so they ask for a refund. But, wait! You have already shipped the carrier and purchased your new item! It is only natural to ask why, right? This is where it can get a little hairy. 
People can be dishonest and that really blows.  For instance, they are saying something is wrong with the carrier you sent and it is not in the condition that you described. (I don't know about you but at this point my cheeks are burning and my heart rate is up!) How could they say that? You have worn it, inspected it, even washed and dried and saw no issues!  
Please, please protect yourself. PayPal has your back! Always use the invoice option so you can describe the carrier in detail if need be, that way the "buyer" is completely aware of what they are buying. Stains, pulls, thread shifting, weavers knots, slubs, nubs, wrinkles, discoloration, whatever it is--write it down. You, the seller, can sell on YOUR terms. They do not have to buy your carrier if they do not want to. If they file a claim, 99% of the time, PayPal will back the buyer and most likely you will need to issue a refund and that really sucks. But, it is part of the BST world and you can always choose to stay local!  Most of the time, the transactions go smoothly. 

Trading: You have decided you would rather not deal with buying and selling. So, trade it is! Your carrier has a trade value, just like it has a retail value. Typically, the trade value is close to retail. If it is a popular carrier, your trade value could be market value which is sometimes way more than retail value!  A little confusing, but there are such Facebook groups to help you determine the value! Trading is very similar to buying and selling but there are generally two options when trading,  
  • PayPal backed trade 
  • Non-PayPal backed trade  
  • Local Trade

A PayPal backed trade is where each party sends the same, agreed-upon, amount of money to one another. Basically, you are cancelling it out, but regardless, you have made a PayPal transaction and you are covered if something happens to the carrier in the mail, etc. A PayPal backed trade is the safest way to trade. 

A non-PayPal backed trade happens when both parties are comfortable paying for shipping and sending the carrier. Ideally, both parties agree to ship the same day and pictorially document the receipt from shipping and update with tracking numbers via USPS, FedEx, UPS

A local trade is easy! You meet up with the person that has the carrier you want and, Voila! Immediate satisfaction of new to you carrier in hand. And, maybe a new friend!

And, finally...Feedback plays an important role in an online B/S/T  transaction. Feedback is a link with your picture from the huge Babywearing Swap Feedback group. Each person you have done a B/S/T transaction with has commented on the experience they had during the transaction, positive or negative. If it is negative feedback it can't be emotional as the admin may delete. Just a simple or in depth description of the transaction experience.
Once your transaction is complete, which is carrier in hand, you leave honest feedback on the other party's feedback link they provided in their listing. Describe in detail or little about your B/S/T experience.  

So now you have bought, sold, traded, and you are stalking your postman for your epic fluff mail or already using your new carrier!  #BWAT #wearallthebabies

My name is Lauren Hyatt and I'm a SAHM
I have two littles under two.
I enjoy eating and spending time with family and friends~
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