Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I love summer and our family is outdoors often during this season. I love the convenience of wearing my littlest on our adventures, but it's no fun worrying about either of us getting too hot. I have learned a few techniques to help keep us cool.

Stay in the shade if there is any, it really does help. Along that line, be sure to bring a hat for your little one.

Stay hydrated, in fact, stay extra hydrated. Please.

Switch off if you can, if you are with another adult/teen have them take a turn.

Fabric choice makes a difference! Choose a carrier with a breathable panel, one made of linen, or one loosely woven such as a hand woven wrap. Handwovens are more breathable than machine wovens, making them cooler even when they feel thicker.

Use a misting fan or spray bottle, or just stroll through a splash pad...
Buy a cooling towel/chill pad from a sports store. I love ours! I soak it, wring it, and then place it between me and baby in the carrier.
Take breaks indoors, the zoo has several cool buildings; stores and restaurants are cool places to stop in.

Some carriers known for being cooler are Lille-baby, Kinder Packs with mesh panel, ring slings, and short wraps for single pass carries.

Be sure you and your baby stay cool enough, and have some great adventures this summer!

Jade Park is a postpartum doula with Better Birth Now. She loves wearing all the babies!

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