Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Running Errands Around Tulsa

It's totally possible to run your weekly errands without baby wearing, but why make your life harder than it has to be? As a postpartum doula, my job is to help recently new moms figure out their new "normal". My two favorite tips are postpartum binding and baby wearing!

Lets focus on how to have the best possible errand trip. PLANNING is key! Don't ever, ever leave the house without a carrier of some sort! Time your errands well, but if you need to be out during nap time, a carrier is so much more important! Wear a top that allows you to nurse in your carrier. If you don't know how to nurse in your carrier you can ask for tips at a Babywearing Around Tulsa meeting, or on the chatter group! It really is a great help to learn this skill! 

My favorite carriers for running errands are fast to get baby in and out of. Ring slings top my list. The one-shoulder carry can wear on me after about forty-five minutes, but each errand doesn't take that long and the quick up and down is awesome for being in and out of the car while running errands. Soft structured carriers like Tula and Ergo are slightly more comfy and take just a minute longer to put baby up. Our Ergo is my husband's go to carrier. I often let him wear if we run errands together so he can get in extra bonding time and doesn't sneak extra bacon and cookies into my shopping cart. Wraps are my least favorite for short trips in and out, but are the most versatile carrier. If you are only getting one carrier, or are starting with just one, I recommend a short woven wrap. There are several wrap carries that can be pre-tied, front cross carry with a ring is my favorite since it is poppable and quickly adjusted. A no sew ring sling is a great wrap option as well!