Monday, October 28, 2013

Carry of the Week - Front Cross Carry (FCC)



This week we are going to visit a staple that should be in every babywearers handbook, the Front Cross Carry. This is my absolute favorite front carry and one I recommend every new babywearer learn. This is one of the few “poppable carries”- you can pre-tie this carry and put baby in and take them out without re-tieing! This is great for squishy babies when you have a lot of changing diapers, etc. going on. This is also a fabulous carry for a nervous public wrapper! Pre-tie at home and pop baby in when you get to your destination! I used this carry for every preschool drop-off for the first 4 months of my LO’s life.
We started this series with the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and this is very similar so if you did that carry with us you won’t have any trouble picking this one up - this carry doesn’t have the vertical torso pass. This carry is also a great nursing carry. This carry can be done with your base size wrap on up. So my base size is a 5 and I can do this carry with a 5, 6 or 7.

You start this carry with a pre-tie:
1 - Bunch the middle marker at the center of your back;
2 - Bring both tail in front of you and cross the as you bring them over your shoulders;
3 - I like to put my arms inside the crosses and pull out just a bit to make sure there is room for my LO;
4 - Cross again in the back and bring the tails around to tail in front at your waist.
5 - You will essentially have a torso pass across your back with an X in the front and and
X in the back with the ends tied at your belly botton.

After you get a pre-tie you can insert your baby as follows:
1 - Find your inside pass, the X that is nearest to your body and put you baby against the
OPPOSITE shoulder
2 - Lower baby into the X with one leg going into the closer X
3 - Switch baby to the opposite shoulder and insert their other leg into the other side of
the X
4 - Lower baby to sit in the bottom of the X and adjust both sides to fit knee to knee
starting with the inside pass
5 - I like to untie my tie and bounce up a bit while pulling down to tighten my wrap (you
can also go strand by strand to tighten while holding the opposite rail between your
6 - Tie under baby’s bottom in a double knot.
You can remove the baby from the wrap without un-tieing by doing the above only backwards: Raise baby up towards opposite shoulder of inside pass and remove the first leg and then switch to the opposite shoulder to pull the baby all the way out.

One of the best things about this carry is how easy it is to discreetly nurse in. Here is a video demonstrating that:
If you find your wrap is a bit on the short side to tie in front, here is a knotless varriation that you can try:
As always, please post your pictures on the Facebook page as well as any tips, suggestions, or struggles. If you have a problem you want a carry solution for, please let me know! I love to create posts by request.


Tiffany Johnson is a breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, attachment parenting mama to three beautiful children. She is currently taking a leave of absence from her busy career as an estate planning attorney to focus on her home and family. In her spare time she loves crafting, reading a good book, red wine, all things geeky, and loving on her babies.

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