Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CotW - Rebozo Hip Carry with Slip Knot

Lets start this out with I have nothing against a Ring Sling (RS)... I think they are great especially if you are new to babywearing! I started with a RS as my very first carrier and it was a wrap conversion ring sling. It was my gateway drug for the love of babywearing. That being said I started to have issue with mine as my baby started to getting bigger..

My issue was the rings.. The very part that makes a RS great and easy to use.. My issue I am very boney. Those darn rings started digging into me when I had my little positioned just right. SO I started to get curious about short wraps or shorties.. But what the heck do you do with them! I mean a wrap just for one carry???? NOO there is so much you can do different back carries and hip carries!

So now all of that for this! A rebozo is a type of wrap from Mexico but is often the term used for short wrap and carries. Today we look at one of my favorites. the Rebozo Hip Carry with Slip knot.. We are going to call this a RHC to shorten things up! This carry became my solution to the rings in a RS and I like how your baby can be on your hip and then you can put on the wrap.. Next the very video I used to learn how to do this carry! She makes it so easy and I will pause the video as I go along to watch how to so the knot.

This carry is so easy to learn once you take a moment to learn  a slip knot. The knot can be tricky the first time but don’t give up you can do it!!! Just practice, watch the video, and go step by step… If you're having trouble try doing it without the baby a few times. Once you get it it down BAM a quick easy hip carry and an alternative to the ring sling.

On a side note.. If you're worried about having a short wrap and not getting much use out of it let me assure you you can do lots!! For most people a soft side carrier (ssc) is their go to for quick baby wearing but mine is the a rebozo or shorty wrap. Here is another video that is pretty awesome this mama shows you all the carries you can do with a rebozo slip knot and a short wrap!

I hope to see some pictures of everyone in a RHC!! PLease feel free to post pictures or leave a comment! Also there is now a size 2 in the lending library to check out or try on if you are curious about short wraps!

Adrea Brackett loves babywearing. It was her 'in' to the natural way of parenting and for that she will always be thankful to Amy Rogers! She has been married almost 10yrs and just had her first little one this past January and she is beautiful! When not babywearing or in general being a hippy, she is a weather forecaster for the OK Air National Guard… She has tried to tell them she could get a matching wrap to her uniform and work with her girl on her...They still haven’t gotten back to her! lol She was a military wife before she joined so supporting other military families is a big deal to her. Oh and telling the world how wonderful it is to wear your baby!

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