Monday, September 28, 2015

Squish Wearing

Let's be honest here, this is just a photo dump of cuteness. You remember that post about how I was anticipating wearing my squishy little boy while I was still pregnant?  Well here he is in all his tiny cute squishy glory.

Paz Wickandish Sunset

Very first wearing picture. We were still in the hospital and I used this Paz to announce gender. Squeaker is a boy!

Girasol Double Rainbow Azul Ring Sling
Out first grocery store trip was made snuggly and less stressful by this Girasol Ring Sling. A good ring sling is perfect for squish wearing. If you can only get one newborn carrier, I often recommend a ring sling.

Sleepy boy needs some cuddles while big sis needs attention?  I got this. A soft wrap is the perfect way to snuggle one and play with the other.

Clementine Sunshine and Rainbows Turquoise Weft
Squeaker's first trip to the library. He found it to be a very peaceful place.

KHR Memories From Under the Bridge
A luscious fiber festival!  When he wast being doted on by all of mommy's fiber friends, he was snuggles up nice and tight.

Rainbow Frog Wet Paint
Snuggle snuggle snuggle, I just can't help it!  Look at him working on holding his head up!

In addition to their cuteness, I hope that these photos help to demonstrate how babywearing fits in to every day life and how you can keep your newborn close while still taking care of your other kids or your life.  In the majority of the wrapping pictures I am using Front Wrap Cross Carry because it is my favorite newborn carry.  It is a nice secure hold and I feel confident moving around in it.  I know that Squeaker's back and neck are well supported.  As he grows and can spread his legs naturally, instead of taking the cross passes over his legs (which is what is hiding his feet here), I will take them under so he is, in essence, sitting on an X, which will provide additional support when he reaches the wiggly stage.  For now I will take the peaceful, cuddly stage every second that I can get it.  I love to wear my little Squeaker.  (It has also renewed Bitsy's (Big Sis) interest in being worn so maybe there will be a tandem post sometime in the future!)

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to Bitsy and Squeaker, two bundles of energy. She is a Babywearing Institute Certified Babywearing Educator.  She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls as SomerKnits. Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, spin or weave - her main pre-baby passions.

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