Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, BWAT!

I just want to wish a happy 4th birthday to Babywearing Around Tulsa!  What a milestone!  

This is my first baby.  I knew before Bitsy was born that I wanted to wear her.  I ordered this moby on a black friday sale because Mobies were the only carriers I really new about.  Mobies and Ergos and one ring sling were all I had ever seen.  My friends who also had babies right when I did were the same way and we stumbled through much of it together.
We practiced, but we didn't wear as often as I wanted at first.  We also had a ring sling but the instructions were confusing and included cradle carry.  (Which I tried!  And luckily she HATED for the most part)  And look at those footie pajamas!  I didn't know to give them a tug to free up her little toes.

All I knew is I wanted to hold my baby close.  Especially when she was sick, like in this picture here.  I KNEW in my heart that being close to mama was important, so we kept trying.  And CJ and Amanda formed Babywearing Around Tulsa on Facebook and suddenly we had a whole bunch of other people who were all trying the same thing. 

We branched out to mei tais.  Our first mei tai was much like the Babyhawk or infantino mei tais you can easily find in stores these days.  

And then the meetings started!  This is CJ, Bitsy (on front) and her boy at one of our first meetings.  We met at the play place at the mall.  Chaotic, but free.  And there were maybe a half dozen of us.  I was too intimidated to go alone, though I needn't have been, so Ashley Ritchie went with me.  

We got the hang of Ring Slings and even bought a water ring sling!  (Bitsy was such a serious baby. Nothing like her always laughing little brother)

And we got better at wrapping.  With practice and with help.  And while were doing all of that we made friends.  So many amazing friends.
But we still didn't know about those darned footie pajamas!  Haha!
 And travel got a heck of a lot easier.  Getting coffee and buffet breakfast at a hotel is a heck of a lot easier with two hands!  And comforting a baby in a strange place is so much easier with a carrier.
We also got to borrow some amazing carriers along the way.  I hope CJ still has this amazing beauty; we were so very privileged to be able to help break it in.

BTW - our selfies got better along the way as well!

BWAT has had a major impact on my life and I hope on the lives of many others.  Just looking back at my own babywearing journey reminds me of why I feel so dedicated to helping others learn and find the right carrier for them.

So happy birthday, BWAT!  May you continue to grow and share babywearing love with all of Northeast Oklahoma.  May you touch the lives of many in a positive way.  May the love you share send out ripples that reach beyond what any one person could do.

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to Bitsy and Squeaker, two bundles of energy. She is a Babywearing Institute Certified Babywearing Educator.  She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls as SomerKnits. Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, spin or weave - her main pre-baby passions.

Has Babywearing Around Tulsa had an impact on your life?  We would love to share your story!  Please feel free to share in the comments here or on facebook and if you would be willing to write a blog post contact us at

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