Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Labor of Love

If you've been to a meeting you've seen those ladies in green shirts.  They are unpacking bags, setting up stations, checking carriers, greeting you when you walk in the door, and so much more.  They help teach at the stations, they direct the lost where to find help and they stay after you have left in order to clean up, often even vacuuming - because, let's face it, where there are kids there are crumbs.  They do a lot to help the instructors insure the meetings run smoothly and everyone gets the help they need.

But did you know how much more they do in the background, how much time they dedicate to making Babywearing Around Tulsa wonderful?  

 For instance, right now many of our volunteers are working hart to add tags to our lending library carriers.
Sometimes they spend their Saturdays in training sessions.  They help facilitate discussions on the board and help to keep our group on topic.  They accept carrier returns prior to meetings for those who can't make it to the meetings themselves and they often take on the duty of washing carriers as well.

And they do all this as a labor of love.

So take a minute to thank a volunteer.  Maybe not even a volunteer for BWAT, but a volunteer for an organization that has benefited you in some way.  Show your appreciation for their hard work.  A kind word can make the "work" joyful.

Thank you, Volunteers, for all that you do for BWAT.

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to Bitsy and Squeaker, two bundles of energy. She is a Babywearing Institute Certified Babywearing Educator.  She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls as SomerKnits. Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, spin or weave - her main pre-baby passions.

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