Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't Get Discouraged

I feel the need to write this blog post for those who may be discouraged about wrapping.  It can be very overwhelming and intimidating.
I began attempting to wrap in January 2013 and I am just now able to do it successfully.  So do not give up!  It is a mix of finding the right size wrap & the right material that works for you.  Thanks to the lending library I was able to borrow several wraps and try them out.  I found very quickly which ones I did not like for sure, which usually ended up being the new ones that weren’t broken in yet.  ;-)

I had the most difficult time getting a good seat.  Then I finally got that down after several teachings from the admins and lots of youtube videos.  There are a few methods to get a good seat but I suggest if you’re struggling to try them all because not all methods work for everyone.  Try them all and find the one that works best for you.  I like these two videos and found them most helpful:
My next challenge was getting that first pass over my little Mia’s fluffy bum.   Again, after lots of help from admins, youtube videos and lots of sweat and frustration I finally found what worked best for me. 
And at last, the final challenge was getting everything snug and secure enough for it to be comfortable.  Finding that happy medium between too tight and too lose has been difficult but I’ve got this now.
So after approximately 9 months I can finally call myself a wrapper.  Don’t give up ladies (and gentlemen) with some patience and stamina you can get there.  Rely on the meetings, admins and the lending library.  This is why they are available to us to help us be the best babywearers we can be.  ;-)

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I am first a Christian then I am a babywearing, cloth diapering, work at home Momma to a beautiful 15 month old little girl, Mia.   We love to read books and go the park (I feel like I’m writing a singles add, lol).  We try to have play dates with like-minded parents and their little’s.   When I do get some “me” time I like to get a pedicure and maybe catch a movie or catch up on my Mommy shows (I am a reality tv junkie J )


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