Monday, November 11, 2013

CotW - Kinderpack Hip Carry

Changing up Carry of the Week a little bit, here is one for you SSC lovers!  Give this quick hip carry a try, you may discover whole new worlds with your beloved SSC or develop a new found appreciation of SSCs in general.  Without further ado, CotW!
Hello. My name is Heather and I am a Kinderpack addict. This love was further cemented on Friday at Gilcrease Museum’s Museum Babies program. Had the dude comfortably riding on my back only to learn the museum prefers babies worn in front or hip carries (seems some curious backriding babes were grabbing at priceless art……oops!). Having successfully hip carried numerous times with the Ergo, decided to do the same with my Kinderpack. Worked like a charm and very easy to do!

First unsnap all buckles, slide buckles to maximum length, and push the Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAS) as close to the buckles as possible.
Next, ignore the smattering of toys on the floor and place the Kinderpack around your waist to accommodate a hip carry. Snap the front shoulder strap into back buckle to create a sling. Slide the sling over your head. This makes the seat for baby.

 Insert baby into the carrier. Bring the back shoulder strap around your waist and snap it into the front buckle. Tighten until baby feels secured.

Slide the front, diagonal strap onto your shoulder. Snap the PFAS behind you for additional support and to keep the front, diagonal strap from applying unnecessary neck pressure. Initially, do not be surprised if assistance is needed to buckle the PFAS. It helps to have them out and accessible before you put baby in the carrier. Tighten the front, diagonal shoulder strap as needed.

Voila! You are now successfully hip carrying in the Kinderpack. Happy Babywearing!


**Side note - this hip carry can also be done in any SSC where the straps unbuckle.  That includes Ergos and others.


Heather Langley is an avid babywearer and proud mom to Rex, age 19 months. She is a Babywearing Around Tulsa administrator and Employment Specialist at Family & Children's Services Women in Recovery program. Heather enjoys spreading the babywearing love, music, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

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