Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Babywearing and Friendship

When I first heard the term babywearing I was very hesitant and didn’t even know where to begin. I was so scared; I know there was no reason for that now.  When my oldest daughter was born I wore her once or twice in a cheap carrier from a big box store and disliked it so much that I just knew that was all there was to offer for babywearing, so I gave up quickly.  When my second daughter was 5 months old I went to The Great Cloth Diaper Change in Tulsa.  I was immediately amazed at all the beautiful carriers and all the different ways all the sweet babies were being worn, but of course I was too shy to ask anyone about them.  Finally when my daughter was 10 months old I decided on what would be my first carrier, a Kinderpack.  And wow, I went crazy from there. I quickly started watching many YouTube videos and purchased my first wrap, Girasol Double Rainbow.  I then joined travelling wrap groups and that right there is how I started making some pretty awesome babywearing friends.  It is amazing how one thing can bring great friends together and you know they will be lifelong friends even though you may never actually meet them.  I have also met some pretty awesome local mommas through Babywearing Around Tulsa and Checotah Babywearing Mamas’ Facebook groups.  We may not see each other all that often but when we do we always have lots of fun just chatting about what we have been up to lately, we also will do the occasional shout out if we see each other while out shopping.
What are some ways that you have made new friends because of babywearing?

Mandi is a mom to two beautiful little girls. Mandi gets to practice babywearing in her home daycare often. In her spare time Mandi loves to be with her family and go to craft classes with her friends.

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