Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Meeting Structure

Tulsa Babywearers, we are so excited about the continued growth of this group! What started out as a couple of mamas getting together to support each other and spread the babywearing love has grown to a facebook group of almost 700 and a monthly meeting with an average attendance of 40+ adults and their babies. We have had press (thank you, Tulsa Kids!) and done community outreach (GCDC 2013, WIC Breastfeeding Awareness reception) and we have loved every minute of helping people find the babywearing solution that is right for them.

What was originally a generously sized room for the less than a dozen moms who showed up every month to play with each other’s carriers and get help has become a small room for our well attended and very enthusiastic monthly meetings. We can’t thank you enough for this! We are in awe of how this community has grown. 

Due to that growth and our continued desire to help each and every mama, daddy and caregiver who wants to wear their baby find the solution that is right for them, we will be implementing some changes to our monthly meeting starting this month with our September meeting. We thank you ahead of time for your patience as we find the best way to serve this community as a whole.

Our meeting will now be split in to two segments. From 10:00am to 10:45 we will have a time specifically devoted to people who are new. Whether you are new to babywearing entirely or just have never attended a BWATulsa meeting, this time is for you. There will be a carrier demonstration and safety talk as well as an explanation of how our lending library functions. During this section of the meeting we will ask for attention and quiet, so if any veterans arrive early, feel free to socialize in the library, but please wait until 10:45 when we reopen doors to come in to the meeting room.

At 10:45 we will begin sign in for the regular part of our meeting. Check in for lending library carriers will also be at this time. Make sure both you and the leader you are handing the carrier over to inspect it for wear and sign off on the check out form. The stations will already be set up and you can feel free to go ahead and migrate towards whatever station you are wanting. Dive right in! At 11:15 we will take our group photo for the month so we don’t miss anyone who has to duck out early.

As we have the last couple months, lending library carriers will be passed out at 11:30 and paperwork can be filled out at that time. Your Lending Librarian Kim has been working hard to get the LL organized and systematized.

Please know that we are doing the best we can to serve this group. If you have a question or concern, feel free to PM a leader and we will do our best to help you out.

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