Thursday, September 5, 2013

Middle Markers

mid·dle mark·er [mid-l mahr-ker] noun

1. something used as a mark or indication, as a bookmark, of equally distant from the extremes or outer limits; central: the middle point of a line*

As you can see the middle marker indicates the relative middle of the woven.  If measured from end to end this will be off slightly due to the tapers.  Also, it is not uncommon for the middle marker to be off by several inches/centimeters or even by several feet/decimeters.  This is especially true in a woven that has been chopped into a shorter wrap.  It's also possible for one rail to measure slightly longer than the other. 

There are many styles of middle markers, even the absence of one!  Some are tags with logos, product information, etc.  Others can be a change in weft color, weaving change, or textured/raised threads.  If shopping on the swaps you may even run across ones that have been drawn on with permanent marker. 

Even if your middle marker is not true to the middle of the woven, it is still a great indication of a starting place that is easy to locate in the middle of the night.  Below are some examples of middle markers:
No middle marker (not even a trace of an old one) on Didymos Moritz 
Single product information middle marker on Colimacon et Cie Miel et Malice Natural Low Water Immersion dyed by OffyCloth

Logo middle markers on each rail of a Little Frog Linen Agat Natur

Multiple weft color change to indicate middle in a Bristol Looms woven

Textured (Tactile) middle marker on both rails of an Uppymama
Blessing thread middle marker on a Farideh woven

Weave change middle marker

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