Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Baby Wearing Saved Harvest: A story of music, mud, mountians and baby wearing

      Fall is on the way and along with my favorite season comes my favorite music festival. Every year we travel to the Mulberry Mountains of Arkansas for Harvest festival. Harvest festival is put on by the fabulous Yonder Mountain String Band. This festival has great people, weather, scenery and best of all, some of the sweetest bluegrass music out there.

       Imagine this.....Seventy five degrees during the day, and cold enough at night to bundle up in your tent to keep warm (did I mention this is a camping music festival)? Okay, keep imagining….Family friendly folks, music all day and night, people sharing, smiling, and dancing.  Awesome right? Now picture this......a torrential rainstorm, so bad that the venue instructs you to take cover in your car and not to remain in your tent.

            We watched from the safety of my mom’s camper van as improperly secured tents literally blew away. Not only did it rain all night, it rained the next day, all day.  By the time the rain stopped and we were able to get back outside, the musical mountain became a muddy mess.

       Thanks goodness for baby wearing! We were prepared with rain boots but the walk from the campsites to the venue was lengthy and completely covered in mud, sometimes ankle deep.  We had recently purchased a toddler Kinderpack for my forty pound three year old.  My eleven month old rode in a standard Kinderpack.  

       We were able to make it through all the mud to the music with our babies on our back. I’m not sure what we would have done without our carriers.  Luckily we were able to salvage this messy situation and enjoy our favorite festival with our kids.  This is how Baby wearing saved Harvest.

  -- Kim Williams-Harris

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