Monday, August 5, 2013

Babywearing Around Tulsa in the News!

A couple months ago TulsaKids magazine did a story about hip moms that prominently featured a mom wearing a forward facing carrier. As soon at the magazine hit the shelves Babywearing Around Tulsa (BWAT) members questioned the carrier choice. Our very own Somer Johnson (BWAT Instructor) contacted TulsaKids magazine about the article and suggested doing a story about ideal carriers and babywearing.

In the August issue of TulsaKids magazine Kiley Roberson did the article, “look mom, no hands!” Roberson begins by talking about the practical aspect of babywearing, the theory behind attachment parenting, and how the carriers seem to come in all shapes and sizes before segueing into talking about the group. 

“Babywearing Around Tulsa is a local parenting group that meets once a month to explore new babywearing products and teach others about the benefits carriers offer. The group also promotes ideal and safe babywearing through education and community outreach such as their lending library…” – Kiley Roberson

Somer described babywearing as, ”...flexible and versatile. There really is something for everyone and we love to help others find their best fit.”

Tulsa’s top 5 favorite carriers picks are also listed in the article as well as a short description, which included the Kinderpack, Ring Slings, Woven Wraps, Mei Tais, & Boba Wraps.

Robertson then talks about babywearing safety and says that BWAT emphasizes safety. Somer had this to say on the subject, “Remember to avoid any narrow-based carriers that put all the weight between the baby’s legs. This means that there is pressure on the baby’s spine. An ergonomically correct will hold baby in a seated position with knees at or above the level of the baby’s bum.”

The article is concluded with information about BWAT’s meeting and how to find the group.

To read the article online in its entirety visit:


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