Friday, July 8, 2016

GrapeBaby Tekhni Delta Heartland Doll Carrier Giveaway!

Hey Babywearing Around Tulsa! In a few short days, (5 to be exact, not that anyone is counting) the instructors will be off to Atlanta for the 2016 International Babywearing Conference

At the beginning of Spring, we asked all 6,000 plus of you to lend a hand to help send our instructors to Atlanta. Like always, you guys did amazing pulling this off. Between an awesome raffle, fit-checks at Bottoms and Beyond, and some cute-as-heck babywearing photos, you guys raised $4,000 of the $5,000 needed! Pat yourselves on the back! You did an awesome job! 

We have one more little push to get to that $5,000 goal and it's the best one yet! 

We have this beautiful doll carrier: handmade by Sew Fresh from none other than BWAT's custom designed wrap, Tekhni Delta Heartland.  

Entries for this amazing carrier are $1 per chance or 12 chances for $10. 

To enter, fill out the entry form and send your payment via PayPal to

Don't forget to send all payments gifted (family & friends) and please include "Doll Carrier Fundraiser" in the notes sections. 

The winner will be selected via Monday July 11th and notified.

And it's totally cool if you want to try the doll carrier on before handing it over to your kiddo. We promise not to tell. 

Remember to get your entry in by Monday July 11th

Happy Babywearing! 

Karissa is a babywearing boymom to four boys ranging in age from 17 years to 10 months. She loves to read and geek out to all things history! 

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