Friday, March 25, 2016

Let's Compare! Standard Mj vs Standard Tula

Trying out our new MJ! MJ baby carriers are fairly new to the market and a definite up and comer! It's comparable to a standard Tula with a few key differences. 
1) Deeper seat
2) Taller back panel 
3) Dual adjustable waist strap is 4-6 inches longer than the Tula. 
4) Panel is a bit wider than a standard Tula. 
5) Waist padding is firmer and wider with a very large pocket. 

Comfort wise they are very similar, but as time has passed I am favoring the MJ slightly. Shoulder padding is very similar. I did feel like the waist padding on the MJ rested on my bottom in a back carry because of its width, though I don't see that as an issue as it breaks in. After having my MJ for a few months I found if I raised and tightened the waistband correctly this is no longer an issue. I will say this is a large carrier, even labeled as a standard, I wouldn't recommend it until baby is 10-12 months old due to the large size, MJ does not offer an infant insert.

I would recommend this for a few people in particular, plus size wearers (hubby is a 4xl and this fits him comfortably, whereas a standard Tula doesn't at all) and if you have a leaner this would be great since the panel is taller,or a little that loves riding arms in. My girl normally rides arms out! even with the taller panel she can still do so. I believe that this is perfect until she's ready for a toddler size. You can see due to the deeper seat and panel height the difference it makes in the fit. Jemma is 27lb and 32" if anyone is curious, size 18-24m. Also note, Jemma is sleeping in one of the MJ photos so the panel looks even larger due to her slight slumping.

With the addition of Fresh Mesh to the MJ line up, these cooler options for warm climates are definitely a plus for the MJ brand. Prices are similar, standard Tula retail $149, standard MJ retail $145. All in all, I can and do happily recommend this carrier but of course no carrier is perfect for everyone. 

Renee McBay is a happily married mother to one little girl so far. She enjoys volunteering for BWAT, watching Dr Who and Harry Potter, reading whenever possible, and snuggling all the squishy babies.

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