Thursday, July 4, 2013

Perfecting the Poppins Hip Carry

Summer Babywearing in Oklahoma can be and sweaty! For wrapping Mamas this can be a particular challenge - finding a carry that is cool with minimal passes but still supportive and comfortable. If your baby is curious and has good head control (approximately 4 months and older) the Poppins Hip Carry may be the solution you are looking for! The Poppins carry is quick and easy for beginning wrappers. It can be created with a size 2 or larger wrap, depending on your shirt size and your baby's size. I find my size 4 Didymous Pfau is perfect for this carry.

First, drape wrap over your non-dominant shoulder with the front half several inches shorter than the remaining amount hanging behind you. The two tails will vary depending on the size wrap you have chosen to use.

Next, place baby on your hip and bring the back tail around baby. Tuck wrap under baby's bum to create a seat for them to sit in. You will want to check both the top and bottom rails to ensure they are tight and secure around baby's back and under their knees. Baby should be seated in the ideal "M" position. Securely hold the tail making the baby's seat. Transfer the held tail to your opposite hand and thread it behind the hanging front tail. The hand on the same side as baby can be used to hold your little one in place as you make this pass.

 Cross the held piece across your body and grasp it in the hand on the same side as baby. Grab the hanging front tail with your free hand and simultaneously bounce and pull tails to tighten.

 Pass tail on baby's side under their knees towards your lower back and bring the other tail around as well.

Wrap tails will meet at your lower back near baby's knee. Tighten if necessary and tie in a knot. If you have long enough tails they can be brought back to the front and tied under baby's bum.

Depending on your preferred level of support spread one, or both, of the passes across baby's back.

For added support spread the wrap over your shoulder.

VoilĂ ! Ready to go!

Heather Langley is an avid babywearer and proud mom to Rex, age 18 months. She is a Babywearing Around Tulsa administrator and Employment Specialist at Family & Children's Services Women in Recovery program. Heather enjoys spreading the babywearing love, music, reading, and spending time with her friends and family. 

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