Sunday, June 23, 2013

Next Meeting - June 29th

Don't forget about our meeting coming up Saturday!  I know its been a while because the May meeting was so early, so I just wanted to post this little reminder.  If you have anything checked out from the Lending Library, please make sure you can be at the meeting right about 10 AM.  If you are concerned about not being able to be on time, please contact an Admin and go ahead and return your carrier during the week.  Please remember that the meetings are where the majority of people come to try on carriers so if a carrier is checked out and returned late or doesn't show at all someone may have driven to the meeting for nothing!

Now that we have that out the of the way, let's talk about what you can expect at a meeting.  If you have never been to a Babywearing Around Tulsa meeting before, you are in for a real treat.  We have so many mommas willing to share their carriers, time and knowledge and it really makes for a fabulous time.  

When you come in this month there will be a sign in table, so we can start keeping an accurate attendance count.  So please take a moment to stop and sign in.  :-)

At the beginning of the meeting we like to go around and introduce ourselves and our littles.  At that time we also like to share what we would most like to learn or try at the meeting.  After introductions we divide into 4 stations.  There will be an admin or helper at each station to assist you in trying on carriers, learning to wrap or just get a good fit.  

The four stations are: 

  • Full Buckles/Soft Structured Carriers - What does this mean?  This is where you will find your Kinderpacks, Ergos, Boba 3g, Wrap conversion Full Buckle Carriers and Reverse Half Buckles.
  • Mei Tais - Here you will find all different sizes and fabrics of Mei Tais as well as pods and Half Buckles
  • Wraps - All lengths and blends of wraps will be here.
  • Stretchy Wraps and Ring Slings - This station will have a boba wrap and a moby as well as different types and sizes of ring slings.  If you are brand new and don't know what you want to try, start here even if you don't think you want a ring sling or a stretchy wrap.  The admin or helper here can talk through your babywearing needs with you and point you in the right directions.
Feel free to check out all the stations!  Also feel free to bring carriers to put at the different stations for others to try on.  Part of the fun is getting to play with each other's stashes.  

Towards the middle to end of the meeting we like to try and take a group picture.  We do hope you will stick around for that!  Its so much fun to do a big group shot!

Lastly, please note that our meetings are getting BIG and our meeting room is small.  We are exploring other venue options but have not yet found one that meets our needs that has our time slot available.  Because we are out growing the space, we are going to have to discourage older siblings from attending.  We understand that this isn't always possible and are not hard line forbidding it, but please understand that the meetings have grown very crowded and very loud.  If you do need to bring an older sibling, please bring something quiet for them to do or play with.  Please also remember that we have to leave the library as clean or cleaner than we found it in order to continue to use the room.  Therefore, if you bring snacks for your child please clean up after them!  Thanks so much for understanding that as our group grows we will have to adjust.  We the admins work hard for you so please send one of us a pm if you have a question or concern.

I can't wait to see each and every one of you at the meeting!  10 AM this coming Saturday, June 29th, 2012.

Somer Johnson is a Babywearing enthusiast and Momma to E, a bundle of energy.  She is also addicted to cloth diapers and makes and sells wool dryer balls.  Occasionally she also carves out some time to knit, her main pre-baby passion.

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  1. Im glad that you made this! Im sure things will be more organized this time! :-)